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EUROPASS centro studi europeo is an ISO certificated Italian Language School in Italy and cultural centre for Foreigners and an Educational Institution accredited by the Region Tuscany. Our Italian language school specializes in planning and providing educational courses and activities.


Since 1992, in addition to Italian language and culture courses in Florence, the language school has offered sector-based Italian language courses (economics, legal, architectural etc.), culture courses (history, art history, literature etc.), art courses (painting, sculpture, fresco painting etc.), cooking courses and music courses.


With a staff of over 10 collaborators, each year EUROPASS welcomes approximately 600 students from all over the world who wish to learn both the language and the culture at our Italian Language School in Italy.


EUROPASS - Training center

In the field of professional training, EUROPASS designs and provides courses in sectors linked to the knowledge of languages such as basic and refresher courses for L2 Italian and English language teachers, editorial translation courses, editing courses etc. and organizes apprenticeship training in order to give young people a direct and authentic experience of the cultural and social life of Italy


europass - Quality assured

EUROPASS holds an UNI EN ISO 9001/08 quality certification to ensure high quality.


Over the years, our Italian language school has established important partnerships with Italian and foreign universities such as the Universities of Padua and Siena, within the scope of training processes for future L2 Italian language teachers, and the University of Magdeburg, within the scope of training processes in the management sector.


Furthermore, our Italian language school is specialized in the linguistic education of Leonardo programme participants, taking part in exchange and cooperation projects within the European Union’s lifelong education programme.

Italian Language teacher Maurizio
Italian language school in Italy

EUROPASS offers an excellent teaching experience, covering all aspects of the language and furthermore, an effective immersion in the culture of Italy. Overall, an excellent experience.

Alexander, 21 years old, english
Learning the Italian language and culture in Italy
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