Movet - Movies for vocational education and training




The MOVET project is implemented by 5 institutions coming from different countries and it is based on a subject of mutual interest: transferring the know-how and the method of movie-making in the language classroom and taking measures to improve the language teaching for vocational purposes. All partners have experience in the area covered by the project: they are involved in language teaching and in vocational education and training as well.

Currently, language skills are given high importance, especially if we consider the labour market. Language knowledge is indispensable in many jobs, and those who attend vocational language training have a real advantage on the market of employment. Despite the fact that there is a need for such training programs, in many countries teachers have limited resources and methods to teach their students languages, especially when teaching LWU languages or languages for vocational purposes. The method of movie-making in the classroom comes to fulfill this need and offers a very adaptable, innovative method for teachers to provide vocational language education.


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