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Scuola di Lingua Italiana a Firenze

Academic Credits for studies in Italy

To study abroad can be a rewarding experience in every student’s life. Our school focuses its activity on U.S., Canadian and Australian University students who would like to study Italian language and culture in their original place. Furthermore student will have the opportunity to attend an independent study abroad programme in Florence.

The renowned EUROPASS language school is recognized by the Regional Council of Tuscany and has obtained the accreditation for higher and continuing education in March 2007. Since our foundation in 1992 we have ensured a high quality in teaching methods, which are based on modern and innovative principles to provide students with language skills in everyday situations. EUROPASS has already collaborated with many European Universities for several years.

How can you gain granted academic credits?

First of all you have to choose the courses in which you like to enroll. Therefore please take a look at the EUROPASS programme below. Then please contact your academic advisor or the authorized international exchange consultant of your University for course approval. Make sure that your institution accepts credits from educational centers abroad. Please, send your name,  e-mail  and mailing address of your academic advisor to enzo@europass.it. Before you register for a specific culture or language course, you must select the courses for which you will be entitled to gain academic credits. Our office will be glad to send your University language department or professor in charge the syllabus of this level. As a final step, you will have to complete an EUROPASS Transcript Request Form. Please consider that the number of academic credits you can receive for our Italian language or culture courses depends on the rules established by your university (requirements like lessons per week, levels, course duration or exams accomplished). Each university has its own method for the approval of Italian language courses and sets a minimum number of credits required to graduate. Our programme can be flexibly arranged according to your individual needs.

Language courses

A1: Beginner Level - Italian
A2  Elementary Level - Italian
B1: Lower Intermediate Level - Italian
B2: Upper Intermediate Level - Italian
C1: Lower Advanced Level - Italian
C2: Upper Advanced Level – Italian

Culture courses*

• Culture (Contemporary Florence, History, Art History, Social History, History of Florence, Italian in the European Union, Literature, Contemporary Literature, Cinema)
• Cooking (for Amateur and Professionals Wine & Food, Wine, Oil)
• Visual Arts (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture)
• Photography (for Amateurs and Professionals)
• Jewellery (for Amateurs and Professionals)

* combined with an Italian language course or offered separately; also available in English.

At the end of each course you will receive a certificate with your grade. The grades are based on attendance, participation, written assignments and optionally a final exam, depending on requirements set by your University. The EUROPASS language certificate is a very useful document, which you can present to your University and employers.

Don’t hesitate to contact EUROPASS for any further information about academic credits and study abroad programmes. We would be happy to help you fulfil your educational plans in Italy. To this purpose, we are ready to answer all your questions. We would be pleased to welcome you in Florence, the heart of Tuscany and cradle of the Renaissance.