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Internship in Florence - SP.INTERN

Preparatory of italian language + internship at Florence

This programme offers you the unique opportunity to gain work experience in Italy, thereby approaching the cultural and social life of our country, so as to practise the language skills acquired in everyday situations.

The programme includes a preparatory course of Italian and an unpaid internship with an accurately selected Italian company.

You may choose from several sectors listed under unpaid experience. The position offered is influenced by your previous work experience, education and level of Italian.

We assist you in selecting the Internship company according to your curriculum vitae and interests. We arrange your meetings with the internship coordinator to plan your internship experience. We will help you with the interview with the chosen companies.

We will assist you to get the permit of stay and to define contact agreement with the selected company. We will monitor your internship experience together with the internship company. During your Internship experience you will get an insurance covering workplace accidents.

At the end of your Internship program you will receive a Certificate stating the Italian proficiency and the acquired Internship experience.


To participate in the programme it is necessary to

- Be holder of a high school diploma or a degree;
- Send Europass your CV along with a short letter of interest (in Italian or in English);
- Complete a preparatory language course


Internship sectors
- Tourism (hotel, information point, restaurants, travel agencies, language schools);
- Art and handicraft (leather, art paper ecc.);
- Design, photography and graphic art studio;
- Restoration (wood, paper, memorial stone, frescoes);
- Social/intercultural (master, social worker);
- Information science (software, webdesigner, hardware);
- Other upon request


programme details
  • Course schedule: Monday - Friday 9.10 - 12.50 (Italian); flexible (internship)
  • Duration of lesson: 50 minutes
  • Length of programme: flexible (from four weeks)
  • Class size: max. 12 students
  • Availability: throughout the year: see all dates here, from level B1 >>
  • Social activities includes: minimum 15 hours of activity each week more info >>
Prix des cours:
Code Leçons / Sem. Durée Prix en EUR Date de début
1 - 2 mois
chaque mois supplémentaire

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