Extracurricular activities at Europass

At EUROPASS you never stop learning and leisure time is part of learning. While acquiring a foreign language, extracurricular activities such as learning more about the culture, history, and the traditions of the country where the language is spoken are as important as mastering rules of grammar.

The “leisure activities” offered at EUROPASS are lots of fun and provide important opportunities for speaking the Italian language, socializing, and gaining a better understanding of the Italian world.

Our activities

Enjoy food and drink once a week with other teachers at a Florentine Aperitivo where you come into contact with other students and practice Italian in an authentic and amusing atmosphere. Discover what an aperitivo is on our blog!

This fun event allows students to take part in the film forum where they are able to watch a famous Italian film with others - followed by Italian discussion and commentary.

In order to become more familiar with Italian and Florentine art, culture, and history, a variety of guided tours to art historic sites are offered every week.

Below a selection of the activities we offer each month:

-       Guided walk: Florence from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance: Non-touristy walk in the center of the city to discover the evolution of urban planning and architecture in Florence by the Romans to the Renaissance, and many other curiosities.

-       Oltrarno guided tour: Walk in "Oltrarno", the neighborhoods across the river Arno, which are the most interesting and original of Florence.

-       Guided tour in Fiesole: Walk in Fiesole, the Etruscan town of villas and parks, from which you get the best view of Florence.

-       Guided walk in the hills around Florence: Spectacular walk on the hill of Monte alle Croci, the Rose Garden, the stunning view of the Piazzale Michelangelo and the magnificent church of San Miniato al Monte.

-       Visit to Santa Maria Novella: Visit to the church, the convent and the pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella; a museum of Gothic works of the greatest Florentine artists from Giotto to Masaccio.

-       Visit to the Ville Medicee: Walk and visit to the Medici villas of Castello and Petraia, to discover how the Medici family lived in its Italian gardens.

-       Visit to Santa Croce Church: Visit to the church of Santa Croce, the pantheon of illustrious Italians in the richest Gothic church in Florence.

-       Visit to the Uffizi: guided visit to the most famous museum in Italy.

-       Visit to the Galleria dell’Accademia: guided visit to Italy’s most famous David.



During the weekends, we offer the possibility to visit other beautiful towns and villages in Tuscany and Italy, together with other students!

A selection of acitivities:

-       Visit to Pisa and Lucca: Two of the most important historical towns in Tuscany and not-to-be-missed sights for people visiting the region! In this tour you will immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the two Tuscan cities that are close in proximity, yet very different in personality.

-       Visit to Sienna and San Gimignano: The village of San Gimignano and the Medieval town of Siena are situated in the heart of our beautiful Tuscany. San Gimignano, a maginificent example of a Medieval urban centre, is a UNESCO world heritage site. In Siena, you will surely appreciate the architectural styles of the Cathedral and of the Town Hall in the Piazza del Campa, scenery of the world famous palio race.

-       Chianti tour: Immerse yourselves in the picturesque Tuscan scenery you have always imagined! You will visit the magnificent fortress of Monteriggioni and the town of Castellina in Chianti. The tour also includes a visit to a charminig wine estate where you will take part in a guided tour of the wine cellars in order to gain insight into the various stages of wine production.

-       Best of Tuscany: visit to Montepulciano, Montalcino and Pienza: It is no surprise that the directors of New Moon, Gladiator and Under the Tuscan Sun chose Montepulciano as one of their key filming locations. Montepulciano and the surrounding area is some of the most beautiful country-side in Tuscany with cypress trees, hay bales, rolling hills and vines. It is also the home to some of the world’s best wines and Pecorino cheese.

-       Visit to Cinque Terre: If you are searching for the ideal picturesque Italian scenery, look no further than a trip to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre translates to “five towns” and provides a postcard-worthy backdrop as you hike through the hills of the province of Liguria.  In total there are 14 different paths through the mountainous coastline that fluctuate in difficulty, but all hiking trails offer the same gorgeous scenery.


For those who want to know more about the wine culture and gastronomy of this wonderful country (and Tuscany) weekly cooking and wine courses are available.

-       Easy dinner cooking course: Following an expert chef, in an equipped kitchen, the participants learn to cook a typical Tuscan menu involving wine and food, arte and culture, taste and genuineness. The course is followed by the sampling of the prepared dishes.

-       Full menu cooking course: In the company of an expert chef, in a fully equipped kitchen, the participants learn how to make a 4-course dinner: appetizer, first course, second course, and dessert. It is a different experience where the participants learn to prepare a 4-course meal and then partake in the sampling of the prepared dishes.

-       Pizza and gelato cooking course: Following an expert, the secrets for making handmade gelato using quality ingredients and putting in practice the principal ideas will be revealed to the participants. The participants also learn the activities involved in pizza making, the creation and the working of the dough.

-       Pasta course: For those who wish to discover the techniques and secrets of the ancient Italian tradition of homemade pasta making. The participants learn the technique of working with the pasta. Using the rolling-pin and the machine, the participants learn the secrets of a thousand-year cooking tradition.

EUROPASS allows you to take part in Italian art history, Italian history, Italian literature, and Italian film courses to deepen your cultural knowledge of Italy. Availability upon request.


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