Learn To Speak Italian In Florence

The Italian language school EUROPASS is situated in a prestigious and typical Italian building in neoclassical styling. Wide stairs lead to spacious and bright classrooms with up-to-date audio and video equipment, as well as air-conditioning.

Our large luminous classrooms and sunny balconies provide ideal environments for quiet study, reading or relaxation. At EUROPASS we aim to create a comfortable, familiar yet professional atmosphere, and all of our staff try to put our students at ease and satisfy every request that they may make. 


Our Italian language school EUROPASS is situated in the centre of Florence, a stone’s throw away from the Duomo and Piazza Sante Croce. 

This area is full of Italian restaurants, cafes and bars and is ideal for the rich social life of a student. 


Some of the most important museums in the world, fascinating cultural events in art, music, history and fashion, as well as an exquisite Italian cuisine help make Florence the dynamic city it is. It is situated just one hour away from the Tyrrhenian Sea and is less than two hours from the main winter sport resorts in the Apennine mountains. 

With many lively quarters in the city, Florence is home to picturesque markets, beautiful piazzas and elegant narrow streets on which you can find some of the most famous shops in the world. 

In addition, the city offers the ideal linguistic conditions for those who wish to study Italian: the language spoken in the streets, piazzas, cafes and markets is rich with dialect, and its syntax is often quoted as an example of “correct Italian”. For this reason, it is the ideal place to learn to speak Italian in Florence, offering you an exceptional Italian cultural atmosphere in which to do so. 

Italian Language courses

Our teaching method is based on modern and innovative principles which allow our students to communicate in every day situations with ease and confidence, and to truly learn to speak Italian in Florence.

Aside from the Italian language courses, EUROPASS offers a wide range of themed courses such as visual arts, photography, jewellery making, cooking and culture. The courses are attended by students from all over the world, creating an international and stimulating atmosphere at the Italian language school. 


The secretarial and management staff make it their priority to help the students feel at ease during their stay in Florence, treating them not only like students, but above all like guests. 

The Italian teachers are also always available for any type of questions and try their best to help resolve any problems that the students may have. They are all highly qualified and motivated, and were selected by the school for their openness, humanity and willingness to help. 

Free time activities in Florence

The activities are designed to bring students in closer contact with Italian, and since we’re here, the Tuscan lifestyle and culture. Our rich cultural and extracurricular programme includes wine and cheese sampling, meals in typical Italian restaurants or pizzerias, evenings at the theatre, trips into the Tuscan countryside and other Italian cities, and tours around Florence, giving you the chance to discover the city’s hidden gems. What’s more, we also organise sporting activities such as football games and bike trips in the Tuscan countryside. 

Every Monday, we organise a visit to a place of historical interest. The visits are conducted by one of our Italian teachers who specialises in Art History and are always a success with our students. Every Thursday, we show an Italian film in our Cinema Room, complete with a projector and big screen! 


Our students have the choice of either living in the friendly atmosphere of an Italian host family, or if they are looking for more independence, in an apartment shared with other students. On request, and without any extra added costs, EUROPASS can find the most suitable arrangement for almost every need, even outside of Florence, in hotels and inns of every category

Studying Italian with EUROPASS promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience in Florence!