20 Italian lessons per week + extracurricular daily activities + accommodation

With EUROPASS’ Junior Programme you have the opportunity to spend an exciting vacation in Florence and at the same time learn Italian in a place where it’s spoken.

In addition to the daily language course, we offer a rich extracurricular programme full of culture, sport and fun - including days at the beach, parties and trips around Tuscany! The time spent with other children from all over the world and the dynamic atmosphere of the city ensure a memorable summer for everyone!



Florence is easily accessed by bus, train and aeroplane. As a school we offer assistance in the planning of the journey, if necessary, in order to ensure a safe arrival. Once here in Florence you will be welcomed by your host family or a member of the EUROPASS team.



During your stay here in Florence you’ll be living with an Italian family, carefully selected by our school’s staff. Rooms will be shared with another student of the same gender, normally of a similar age.

Your host family will prepare breakfast for you in the morning before school, as well as provide you with an evening meal; an opportunity to interact with your family in a relaxed atmosphere and practise your language skills! From Monday to Friday, lunch will be organised by the school.

Should we go on a trip on the weekend, your host family will provide you with a packed lunch. Most families live in close proximity of the school, however it is possible that some require the use of public transportation. The distance from the school will never exceed 30 minutes and public transport services are always easily accessible and efficient.


Language course

On the first day of school you will be welcomed by one of our teachers who will show you the school, as well as explain the programme and the weekly activities. Then you will take a written and oral test in order to be placed on the course most suited to your ability.

But don't let the word "test" scare you; you will not be given a grade! We just want to understand what your level of Italian is and put you in the right group of learners. If you are a beginner then you can start your lesson immediately without taking a test.


Extracurricular activities

On the first day of school, we will do a quick tour to show you where the school is situated and where you can find all the important places such as the Duomo, Piazza Repubblica, Piazza Santa Croce and of course, the best place to enjoy a real Italian ice cream! During the week we will organise volleyball and soccer tournaments or go to the beach or the swimming pool to cool off. On the weekends we will take you to other beautiful Tuscan cities like Pisa, Siena, and Lucca.


programme details
  • Italian language course schedule: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 12.40
  • Duration of lesson: 50 minutes
  • Length of programme: flexible
  • Class size: max 12 students
  • Availability: Easter, Summer, Autumn, all levels
  • Social activities included: weekdays and weekends
Course fees:


Code Lessons per week Duration Prices in EUR Beginning Date
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
Extra week


 Summer (03/07 -1/09)
Not beginners:
Every Monday


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