• How will my child recognize the person picking him/her up on arrival?

The member of the host family or school team will carry a sign clearly stating the school’s name and your child’s name, so that there will be no problem recognizing who is meeting your child at the station or airport.

  • If the flight or train is delayed, what does my child have to do?

Your child has to call the person in charge of the pick-up service (as specified in the travel information you receive before your child’s departure).

Life in the host family

  • Can I expect to receive any information about the host family before the trip?

Yes, we will email you a detailed description of the family at least one week before the programme starts.

  • How does the school choose the host families?

With most of our host families we have built up a long term relationship, as we have been working with them for a number of years. This allows us to know how to deal with preferences or specific requirements. We are for example able to place those with specific dietary requirements in a suitable family, etc. When selecting the families, a member of our school team visits the host families several times, inspecting the house, the family and the general living conditions. Regular visits and evaluation forms filled out by the students help us to continually update our information as we feel that the participants’ criticisms are particularly important when assessing the families. Our evaluation questionnaires help us to know exactly which families were successful in hosting the young participants of the Junior Programme.

  • them in the same host family?If my child is travelling with a friend, is it possible to accommodate

Yes. We try our best to fulfill all requests concerning accommodation placements.

  • Does my child have to bring towels and bed linen with them, or is everything provided by the host family?

Items such as bed linen and towels are always provided by the family. The host family will ensure that new towels are provided every few days and bed linen every other week. The host family will offer to do a laundry wash once a week.

  • What happens if my child feels uncomfortable in his/her host family?

We expect your child to talk to us immediately about any problems. We try to understand what his/her problem is and find a suitable solution.

  • Is there a certain curfew that my child has to abide by at night?

Of course, we advise the children to be home at a reasonable hour and to stay together in groups. However, if they go out in town, they do so at their own risk. We ask you as parents to make the decision of whether your child is able to leave the host family after 20:00. If you sign this permission form, we should inform you that it is your child’s responsibility to behave in a reasonable manner. As you might expect, the host families cannot take responsibility for your child’s actions, so we leave it up to you to decide a suitable curfew for your child.

Italian language course

  • How will my child travel to school on the first day?

On the first day of school the host family will of course help your child to find the school. They will point out the best routes and in some cases, accompany him/her to school. However as there are usually at least two children per host household, your child won’t be on his/her own.

  • What is the normal daily schedule?

After having breakfast together with the host family, your child will attend 4 Italian lessons, have lunch with the teachers and join our extracurricular activities.

Lessons usually take place from 9.00 – 12.40. In July and August, lessons can also be moved to the afternoon, from 15:00 – 18:40. The participant will be informed about the course schedule on the first day of school.

Dinner is usually served at around 20:00 with the host family.

  • Is there one specific member of staff responsible for any questions or problems the children may have?

Yes, we have a special teacher who is responsible for the participants of the programme and who is at their disposal at all times. Our whole staff, including all of our teachers, will keep in mind the needs and questions of the young participants.

For emergencies we have a 24/7 emergency number.

  • Will my child leave the school with a recognized certificate of their level of Italian?

Yes, we will issue a recognized certificate stating the level of Italian acquired to each student before they leave the school. These certificates are globally accepted as language qualifications, and are the same certificates that are awarded to other students who attend a course at the school.


  • Can you provide me with an example of a one-week stay?






Italian language course

Lunch with teacher

Lunch with teacher


Free afternoon


Trip to Fiesole


Treasure Hunt


Swimming pool


Excursion to a Tuscan City (Pisa, Lucca, Siena ecc.)


Excursion to the beach (Le Cinque Terre ecc)

  • What other activities does EUROPASS offer?

Photo Marathon 

Our photo marathon gives your child the opportunity to work in teams and explore the city with the camera. Racing around town, getting that perfect shot and hurrying back to school for the next clue – the best photo wins!

Football & Volleyball

Football and volleyball matches are the perfect opportunity to get out of the classroom and do something more practical and active. Those who don’t feel like taking part in the sport tournaments, however, can just watch and enjoy the sun – we don’t force anyone to play of course!


If participants are interested, we can organize tennis matches at the local club, giving them the chance to practice and improve their skills, have fun and even get involved in a bit of friendly competition.

Treasure Hunt

Receiving clues and getting to know Florence while being in an exciting race against time. Participants get together in small groups and try to find all the clues as fast as possible, in order to win the prize!

Quiz at School

Find a partner and enter our quiz! Different topics, ranging from “Italy” to “Music”, will be tested in a fun contest with the other students. And of course,  the winning team will receive a prize!

Movies at School

We organize “Cinema at School” for the Junior Programme participants. Italian films – with subtitles – are shown in order to practice listening and understanding Italian in a relaxed way.


Shopping in Florence is a treat for everyone! Our city offers famous designer brands but also unique boutiques – everything you could wish for! We’ll be happy to tell your child where he/she can find what he/she is looking for!

General questions about the stay in Florence

  • If travelling from outside of the European Union, how do I organize the visa for my child?

Should your child need a visa to enter the country, of course we will be happy to provide you with all the documents you need. We recommend you to ask for a detailed description of the process in your home country  and everything you may need to apply for a student visa.

  • Which documents does my child need to take with him/her?

Your child should bring a passport, or a corresponding document of identification, as well as all necessary insurance details. We advise those from outside of the European Union to find out exactly what kind of documentation your child needs to bring into the country before departure.

  • to take with him/her?Do you suggest a maximum amount of pocket money for my child

Of course the required amount of pocket money can vary a lot. We would suggest about 50€ / week for snacks, ice cream or the swimming pool. However, it is up to you as a parent to decide how much money you give your child for each week. You don’t have to worry about any additional costs concerning food and the majority of the activities, as everything is already covered in the price.

  • Should my child run out of money, or need more in case of an emergency, is it possible to transfer money to the school’s bank account?

Yes, it is possible to transfer money to the school’s account. Please remember to specify your child’s name.

  • What happens if my child becomes ill or injured during their time abroad?

Should a medical emergency arise, we and the host parents will take good care of your child and accompany him or her to the hospital. Accident & Emergency care in Italian hospitals is free. Should your child however need to visit a doctor, either you or your child’s health insurance will need to cover the costs.