III Level italian Pastry-Making

This course is composed of 50 hours in total which means that weekly there are 3 hours of lessons. The involved students will learn to bake dough with and without yeast, classic cakes and wedding cakes.

In the course we will consider how to bake without yeast. For instance traditional bignè, sweet puff pastry, a sponge cake called “Pan di Spagna” and some marvellous biscuits. Additionally, we will investigate biscuits variations such as Krumiri, Macaroons, Ricciarelli, Bruttiboni and many more.

Furthermore, we will concentrate on typical Tuscan pastries recovering ancient recipes while we use organic and natural products.

Another unavoidable aspect is the chocolate preparation that includes the elaboration of mousse, chocolate creams and cakes and chocolate fillings combined with fruit. Last but not least we will study the process of sugar paste looking at icing, royal icing, and marzipan’s importance.

Moreover the courses are classified into levels built upon the ability and knowledge as request by the European Regulations (EQF levels). At the end of the course the involved participants are awarded by the training agency which is well recognize by the Tuscany Region.

Course Details
  • Schedule: between monday and friday (13.30/14)
  • Course Duration: 50 hours, 16 lessons, in a flexible number of weeks (according to students' needs)
  • Lesson Duration: 3 hours
  • Students per Class: max 5
  • Price: 2.250€
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