II Level italian Pastry-Making

In this course we deal with fresh ice creams and pastry.

In particular, we will learn how to distinguish and treat desirable sable dough, extraordinary puff pastries as well tempting milk, ice and butter creams. Persuaded by a mix between hunger and artistic attitude we are going to frost cakes adding on the top some crunchy sprinkles.

After having studied the basics we will study general pasteurization and creaming processes. Following the correct fruit preparation we are going to cook at the necessary steps for sorbets like its half frozen condition, essential ingredients and weighing.

Moreover the courses are classified into levels built upon the ability and knowledge as request by the European Regulations (EQF levels). At the end of the course the involved participants are awarded by the training agency which is well recognize by the Tuscany Region.

Course Details
  • Schedule: between monday and friday (13.30/14)
  • Course Duration: 30 hours, 10 lessons, in a flexible number of weeks (according to students' needs)
  • Lesson Duration: 3 hours
  • Students per Class: max 5
  • Price: 1.390€
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