II Level italian cooking

This course is comprised of 30 hours of lessons in total, with weekly three hour long lessons.

The content of the course includes the basic principles of preparing a meal and cooking. It focuses on multiple different skills and types of food. For example, participants will look at the different ways of preparing vegetables, meat cuts, cooking techniques and broths, and filleting and cleaning fish. They will also study the different varieties of bread, how to prepare bread dough and bake the bread, and different types of bread such as focaccia and breadsticks.

In addition, how to make and use different types of sauces will be investigated.

The different levels of the courses are organised according to skill and knowledge level as the European Regulation requires (EQF levels).The training agency will give a certificate accredited by the region of Tuscany.

Course Details
  • Schedule: between monday and friday (13.30/14)
  • Course Duration: 30 hours, 10 lessons, in a flexible number of weeks (according to students' needs)
  • Lesson Duration: 3 hours
  • Students per Class: max 5
  • Price: 1.390€
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