Study Italian Language In Florence

Study Italian in Florence

We offer many different courses for people of all ages: Italian language courses, Italian culture courses, Italian cooking courses and music courses. We guarantee quality and professionalism.

"It was amazing what we learned in a few weeks. All our teachers were really professional, and it is very impressive how funny and competently they prepared our lessons. You make your job with your heart. Come study Italian in Florence at EUROPASS!" Martina, 41 years, Austria

Italian Language

Whoever wishes to study Italian in Florence can find a wide selection of Italian language courses at EUROPASS: group, individual, combined, evening, weekend, preparation for exams and professions. Our courses are suitable for participants of all ages and occupations.

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Italian language and Art Courses

EUROPASS also offers a wide range of art courses to its students. It is possible to choose from painting, drawing, sculpture, mosaic, fresco and fashion design classes. All courses are taught by teachers with many years of experience and qualified in their specific field.

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Italian language and Culture Courses

EUROPASS offers a wide range of thematic courses on Italy, Tuscany and Florence. For those who want to study Italian language in Florence and learn about not only the linguistic, but also the vast and diverse cultural heritage that Italy has to offer, the topics of these courses extend from literature to art history, and social history to cinema.

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Italian language and Cooking Courses

Our Italian cooking courses are designed to address both those who search for an introduction to the traditional Italian cuisine, and those who would like to deepen their knowledge in order to reach specific levels of competence through our professional cooking classes. All courses are taught by teachers with many years of experience.

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Italian language and Music Courses

At EUROPASS it is possible to study Italian Language in Florence with musical instrument (piano, violin, cello, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, double bass, flute, trumpet, trombone, drums and percussion) and singing classes that range from opera and jazz to pop.

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Holiday Packages

Our holiday packages have been designed with the aim of combining Italian language with Italian culture, and Italian culture with pleasure. From cycling and horseback riding in the countryside to food and wellness we offer different packages to accommodate all needs!

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