Elisabetta Tognetti

elisabetta1.jpgElisabetta Tognetti finished her art studies at “Liceo Artistico” in Florence in 1983. Later on, she developed her interest in jewellery and attended a four year course (1984-88) at the “ Scuola Internazionale dell’Arte dei Metalli” in Florence directed by Bino Bini.
Here she learned the traditional techniques of jewellery making and deepened her knowledge of chiselling, embossing and engraving techniques.

After a period of apprenticeship in different goldsmiths’ workshops in Florence, she attended various courses where she specialized in particular techniques such as cuttle-bone fusion, taught by Mario Cesari. 

She also attended a seminar by the artist Giampaolo Babetto at “ Le Arti Orafe Accademy” in Lucca.

For the past twenty years Elisabetta has been working both as a goldsmith and a teacher.

Elisabetta gets her inspiration from natural and handcrafted materials such as ceramics, which she combines with traditional jewellery making. Her aim is to create jewellery which resembles “microsculptures”.

She also uses precious stones and fairy tale symbolism, to create jewels which combine simple and precious materials and have an evocative feeling.  

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