Italian plus Fashion Design - ART.FASHION

20 Italian lessons + 10 design lessons per week

This Italian art course in Florence is intended to provide the students with a range of new skills and competences, both practical and theoretical, all essential in the world of fashion.

During the art course, participants will acquire the relevant skills to successfully design and realize pieces of work, as well as take lessons in the history of fashion and its influence on today’s styles, study some of the most famous designers in the industry and learning about styles and textiles used.

The art course can be individually adapted to the knowledge, needs and desires of each participant, allowing specialisation into topics such as design of accessories, handbags and shoes for example. The course also includes a number of trips outside of the classroom, for example, visits to some of the most important shops in Florence, exhibitions and museums on fashion and leading companies in the industry.


course contents

- Study of human anatomy through simplified design 
- Study the various positions the human body and construction techniques of a manikin 
- Summary of anatomical drawing and creation of graphics and sketches on which fashion illustrations are based and developed
- Study into the various techniques of colour (pantone, coloured pencils, watercolours, crayons, etc.). 
- Explanation and application of the techniques used in the representation of different types of textiles 
- Theoretical explanation of the methodology usually employed used in the development of a collection in great fashion houses 
- Development of a fashion collection using methods of creative design 
- Selecting and developing a theme using the stages of design:

Step 1: Development of a collection through creative research with the aid of magazines, newspapers, books, catalogues or photos taken around the city, conducted by the student
Step 2: Making connections between trends with the construction of a drawing-board explaining ideas and research
Step 3: Development of the theme through drawings and fashion illustrations
Step 4: Production of technical drawings
Step 5: Study of the layout and presentation of the collection
Step 6: Presentation of the collection


course details
  • Schedule: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 12.40 (Italian); fashion schedule to be established
  • Duration of lesson: 50 minutes (Italian) - 60 minutes (fashion)
  • Length of course: flexible (from two weeks)
  • Class size: max. 12 students (Italian); max. 8 students (fashion)
  • Availability: throughout the year, all levels
  • Social activities: more info >>
Course fees:
Code Lessons per week Duration Prices in EUR Beginning Date
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
from 13th week

For non-beginners:
every Monday


For beginners:

09.01. / 23.01. / 06.02. / 20.02. / 06.03. / 20.03. / 10.04./24.04. / 08.05. / 22.05. / 05.06 / 19.06. / 03.07. / 17.07. / 07.08. / 21.08. / 04.09. / 18.09. / 02.10. / 16.10. / 06.11. / 20.11. / 04.12.

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