PractiCal - Practice Language and Culture

Lifelong Learning Programme
~Practice Culture And Language~

Grundtvig Learning Partnership,
PractiCAL - 2011-2013



Partner Organisations:
Bridge Language Study House
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

Çubuk Ilçe Milli Egitim Müdürlügü
Ankara, TURKEY

Milos Educational Women's Collaboration for Activities in Tourism

Debrecen Summer School
Debrecen, HUNGARY

Studium Jezyków Obcych Sp. Jawna

EUROPASS Centro Studi Europeo
Florence, ITALY

Summary of the project
The project is implemented by a partnership of 6 institutions from 6 different countries.

All the partner-institutions provide adult education and teach their own national, less widely used (LWULT) language as a foreign language.

Our partnership is based upon subject areas of mutual interest of the participating organisations: promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity, improvement of cultural dialogue and idea exchange, emphasizing the importance of LWULT languages among adults of the countries implied.

Objectives of the project
Our partnership is based upon the following objectives:

  • To evaluate the approaches by organizations to promote and organize LWULT language courses in each of the different partner-countries;
  • To observe, compare and evaluate the way in which LWULT languages are taught and learned in all partner countries;
  • To experience learning LWULT languages of the countries involved and to promote linguistic diversity among people;
  • To develop pedagogical skills and improve teaching competences of the language teachers throughout the partnership;
  • To increase acknowledgement and appreciation for other countries cultural heritage and to promote cultural diversity among learners and teachers;
  • To produce electronic (website, DVD/CD ROM, PDF) and paper versions of the results obtained throughout the project.


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